(What follows is the opinion of Michelle Chalfoun--not as a spokesperson of IGC) May 16th is Glen Cove's Board of Ed election. It's really important that we progressives start taking back local politics, and this is our first chance. Please be sure to come out and vote yes on the budget and please be sure … Continue reading LOCAL ELECTION ACTION ALERT


APRIL: Perfect Weather for Protests!

Winter and Trumplethinskin got you down? Time to get out into the real world and resist! Follow our website: https://indivisibleglencove.com Knock Every Door https://knockeverydoor.org Swing Left: flip nearby districts https://swingleft.org People’s March for Health, Trump Tower NYC 11 am http://www.marchforhealth.org The People’s Filibuster. NYC Foley Square 12 PM peoplesdefense.org 4/2 (Sunday) Teddy Roosevelt’s Sagamore Hill: … Continue reading APRIL: Perfect Weather for Protests!

New York Health Act Lobby Tue April 4, 2017

Do you want to be part of health care reform history? Then get on the bus to Albany on Tuesday, April 4th for the statewide lobby day for the New York Health Act! The New York Health Act—the state universal single-payer health care bill—passed the NYS Assembly in 2015 and 2016. Support has grown in … Continue reading New York Health Act Lobby Tue April 4, 2017

Is Trump Dragging The U.S. Into Another War

Since President Trump has taken office, most people have been understandably focused on the Affordable Care Act, a Supreme Court fight, Muslim bans and mass deportations, and the administration's ties to Russia. But while all that has been happening, Trump is dragging us into another war ... and no one is talking about it. I … Continue reading Is Trump Dragging The U.S. Into Another War

Action Item: Trump Russian Ties Hearing March 27, 2017

OK RESISTERS, celebrate, but also FOCUS! This is an emergency! Minority chair of the House Committee on Intelligence, Adam Schiff (who is FANTASTIC) is asking the public to DEMAND that the Trump/Russian ties hearing on MONDAY be open to the public. Majority leader Nunes (the dumb fuck who still must resign) has decided it will … Continue reading Action Item: Trump Russian Ties Hearing March 27, 2017

The Resistance Cannot Rest

Yesterday was a success. Not only was Trumpcare defeated, but by the time DJT pulled the plug, only 17% of Americans favored the bill. That means 83% were against it—a huge turn around for some DJT supporters. But we can’t rest on our laurels. Because despite this victory, we’ve still lost so much and are … Continue reading The Resistance Cannot Rest

Glen Cove Town Halls: Be Heard!

At the recent local ACLU action meeting, we were urged to speak to our police and local officials about "what policies are in place or supported by local law enforcement" in regards to undocumented immigrants. The goal is to "pressure our local elected officials to adopt the “Freedom Cities” policies and rules." We really won't … Continue reading Glen Cove Town Halls: Be Heard!