Upcoming Midterm Primary and Election: What you need to know

Hey Indivisiblers of Glen Cove! By now your friends and family have probably identified you as "the political one". So they will be counting on you to tell them what to do and how to vote in the upcoming NYS primary and midterm election. So here's a handy post with just about all you need … Continue reading Upcoming Midterm Primary and Election: What you need to know

Maria Venuto for Board of Ed

Glen Cove Indivisiblers! Right now, this is the most important thing on your local political calendar. We absolutely must support Maria Venuto (one of our administrators), in her run for Glen Cove Board of Education. Please go to her Facebook page, like it, and share about her. While you're at it, contact her and ask … Continue reading Maria Venuto for Board of Ed

Indivisible Endorsements

(If you're in a rush, scroll down to THE TAKEAWAY at the bottom). One of our big tools heading into the November 2018 midterm elections is endorsements.  As an Indivisible group, and as individual Indivisible members, we have a lot of power to  drive media attention toward a favored candidate by endorsing them. There are … Continue reading Indivisible Endorsements

#BlueWave2018 — Time to Volunteer!

We've been pretty busy this year. It's just the beginning of March, but we hit the ground running with a fundraiser for Liuba Grechen Shirley (cosponsored by Christine and Melissa from NorthShore Resistance) and are hosts (among others) for another for Brad Schwartz next week (details here). We marched with the Women's March in NYC. … Continue reading #BlueWave2018 — Time to Volunteer!

The IDC: Why It Sucks, and What We Should Do About It.

As you know if you read my last blog, last Saturday I traveled to Albany to meet with other Indivisible group reps to see what we can to do be part of #BlueWave2018. One of NYS's special challenges is to get rid of some fake Democrats we have in our State Senate. I'm talking about … Continue reading The IDC: Why It Sucks, and What We Should Do About It.

Indivisible NY 2018 Meeting

*(If you are in a rush, skip directly to the ACTION ITEMS below) Hi, Michelle here. Yesterday I traveled up to Albany to meet with other NYS Indivisible leaders to discuss our goals for 2018. My brain is full, and I took copious notes. It will take a few blog posts to get it all … Continue reading Indivisible NY 2018 Meeting

Candidate Questions: Annie Phillips Responds

Dear Fellow Indivisible Glen Cove Members: Over the summer our meeting came up with some questions to ask local candidates for City Council. We have the first in what we hope will be a series of responses. Thanks Annie Phillips, for getting back to us! (Our words are in italics; Annie's are in regular font.) … Continue reading Candidate Questions: Annie Phillips Responds