Nationally, the Indivisible movement seeks to resist Trump’s dangerous divisive, authoritarian and corrupt agenda and replace it with an inclusive, transparent and ethical Democracy.

Indivisible Glen Cove will promote and further these goals in three ways:
1. On the Federal Level: support, strengthen and guide our current Democratic Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, and our Representative Tom Suozzi, in their fight against this administration.
2. Elect progressive, inclusive, and ethical leaders and representatives at the State and local level and hold them accountable to governing with the people’s best interests in mind.
3. Support the elections of progressive, inclusive, and ethical leaders in other states, and aid in the legislation of people-centered policies nationwide through whatever non-violent means necessary.

This siteĀ aides in bringing together like-minded individuals from Glen Cove and the surrounding communities. We will share news, events, and ways we can all take action.

Thank you and welcome to the resistance.