Maria Venuto for Board of Ed

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Glen Cove Indivisiblers! Right now, this is the most important thing on your local political calendar. We absolutely must support Maria Venuto (one of our administrators), in her run for Glen Cove Board of Education. Please go to her Facebook page, like it, and share about her. While you’re at it, contact her and ask for a lawn sign, donate money for lawn signs and mailings, but MOST IMPORTANTLY GET OUT THE VOTE! 

Please call, contact, text, message all your typically non-voting friends and tell them to vote for Maria Venuto. If you want some details as to why, here are some facts (share judiciously–tailor your message to the individual)

Re-Elect Maria Venuto for Glen Cove Board of Education BOE Candidate & Budget Election is Tuesday, May 15th

A successful school district considers the whole child; it supports the relationship between students and teachers by keeping teacher-to-student ratios low, providing adequate teachers’ assistants in the classroom, instruction that meets the individual needs of each student, safe and well maintained facilities, nutritious and appetizing school food, and a well rounded education that includes science, social studies, physical education, arts and music.

  • Initiated BOE Education Workshops – a series of monthly work sessions that provides school district academic departments an opportunity to present their programs in detail to the BOE and the community. This years workshops allowed for discussion and hands on engagement in Math, ELA, STREAM, Guidance, Science, Social Studies, and TV Production
  • Spearheaded the Food & Nutrition committee, which did extensive surveying in effort to improve the quality of school food. She is currently working on a proposal to the NYS Dept. of Agriculture for a Farm to School grant due Fall 2018.
  • Board Excellence Award for participation in New York State School Board Association leadership development, which reflects numerous hours devoted to increasing her knowledge about district budget development, educational practices and policy.
  • A good listener who is not afraid to question the status quo
  • Proudly joined our students in the March for Our Lives on March 24th
  • Advocated for having the GC BOE send a letter in protest to the appointment of Betsey DeVos
  • Serves on several school district committees: the Bond Committee, Policy Committee, Audit Committee, and Nutrition & Wellness Committee.
  • Former Deasy PTA Co-President & current PTA Cultural Arts Chair at Landing School & Finley Middle School, has worked closely with teachers, administrators, and parents to enrich our children’s’ educational experience
  • Work experience: Executive Director of a non-profit arts organization for 25 years, in charge of creating budgets, reducing unnecessary overhead, promotion & grant writing.
  • Education: M.A. in Media Studies, SUNY at Buffalo, 1990
    B.A. Double Major: Media Studies & American Studies, SUNY at Buffalo, 1987

We are undergoing major transitions in public education; our children are paying a price for this. We need strong representation from parents with children at all grade levels to advocate for the best interests of our students and our community. As a Board member, a PTA member, and a parent, I have volunteered hundreds of hours to make our children’s academic experiences the best they can be.

• Served one term and is running for a 2nd term, currently serves as Vice President of the Board

• Glen Cove homeowner & resident for 19 years with two children at Landing & Middle School


Michelle Chalfoun

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