Indivisible Endorsements

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One of our big tools heading into the November 2018 midterm elections is endorsements.  As an Indivisible group, and as individual Indivisible members, we have a lot of power to  drive media attention toward a favored candidate by endorsing them.

There are two ways we can endorse:

1. As voting members of Indivisible National (in national races)

2. As Indivisible Glen Cove (in local and national races)


Indivisible National is the overall national organization of all the local Indivisible groups. They will be endorsing Federal Level Candidates in the 2018 (and beyond) elections, that have been nominated by local Indivisible Groups. Federal Level Candidates are candidates for the Federal House of Representatives, the US Senate, and gubernatorial races.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Local Indivisible groups meet and decide as a group whether they want to nominate candidate A for the Senate. (Example: we decide to nominate Candy McCandidate for US Senate because she’s truly progressive). An important thing to remember is that this process must be transparent and decided by a large majority (like 60% at least). It is not something the “administrators” do on their own in secret. Indivisible groups aim to be transparent and inclusive–so your participation, by showing up at meetings or voting on our Facebook page–really matters! Please participate for a truly democratic process.
  2. We submit a nomination of Candy McCandidate to Indivisible National.
  3. They vet Candy McCandidate by making sure she won’t wash out due to some horrible skeleton in her closet, asking if she even wants to be endorsed by Indivisible (maybe she’s trying to run as a centrist and we’re poison to her), and they ask her a series of questions to see if she really is progressive.
  4. Meanwhile, they are getting nominations from other Indivisible Groups who also are in Candy’s state. If the majority are for Candy, they submit her to all the individual Indivisible members who registered to vote on endorsements via email. Then, if she wins a majority, Candy McCandidate becomes an Indivisible National endorsed candidate. To register to vote on an Indivisible National Endorsement, please go here.
  5. It is important to remember we can only endorse in our own state and district. No matter how much we hate a neighboring candidate, we cannot endorse their opponent. We can volunteer, raise money etc, but we can NOT endorse them.



As members of Indivisible Glen Cove, we can endorse local candidates for State Assembly, State Senate, and city politics. This process has nothing to do with Indivisible National. They do not vet our local candidates or send them out to other voting members in other groups. However, some of the same rules apply.

  1. The candidates we endorse must be in district if we are going to use the word “Indivisible” in our endorsement.
  2. The process is open, transparent, and does not go forward on slim majorities (60% is the floor–though as a group we can decided we require a larger majority).
  3. We check with the candidate to see if they even want our endorsement, or do they just want our “people power” in the form of volunteering, $$$, and votes (don’t be insulted–centrists have to walk a fine line and we are there to help, not impede)
  4. In this case, it is up to us to “alert the media”. It is also helpful to partner with other groups so we can send a larger announcement like, “Patty Progressive, running for State Senate against GOP candidate Donny Trumplight, is endorsed by Indivisible Glen Cove, North Shore Resists, and Mothers Demand Action Glen Cove…”


  1. Register to vote on Indivisible National Endorsements
  2. Keep checking our group, Indivisible Glen Cove, for meetings and polls about local and national candidates in the coming months. And feel free to call our attention to a race or candidate that you think would be awesome!






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