#BlueWave2018 — Time to Volunteer!

BluewaveWe’ve been pretty busy this year. It’s just the beginning of March, but we hit the ground running with a fundraiser for Liuba Grechen Shirley (cosponsored by Christine and Melissa from NorthShore Resistance) and are hosts (among others) for another for Brad Schwartz next week (details here). We marched with the Women’s March in NYC. We held a successful postcard party, sending over 100 postcards to support Postcard for Voters efforts in Special Elections in other states. Michelle went to Albany to meet with other New York Indivisible groups, and this weekend she will travel to Newark for the Indivisible NorthEast Institute to find out more about how we can flip the House and Senate in 2018. Annie has been hard at work planning the LI Women’s Diversity Summit, which will also have a March For Our Lives on 3/24 in support of the #Parkland survivors and common sense gun control.

If you haven’t had a chance to do anything yet, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer right now, and there are plenty more to come. But we only have 8 months. If we want things to change for the better, it is crucial that each of us commit to doing more than we ever have before. We have to push past our comfort zones and time constrictions and show up. Liuba Grechen Shirley needs volunteers right now to walk petitions to get her on the ballot to take Pete King’s Senate seat. Signatures are due April 9th! Yes, she isn’t in our district, but if we want to take back Congress, we have to flip NY seats–and she is the nearest Senate candidate to our town that needs our help. Soon Brad Schwartz will need the same help. Once all our Blue Candidates are on the ballot, we will be moving towards Get Out The Vote actions.

And of course, fundraising is the constant pressure our candidates face. Democrats don’t have the Koch brothers to fund their races–so it is up to us. If you have any fundraising ideas, Indivisible Glen Cove would love to help you with it. All hands on deck, all ideas are welcome. Message us, or comment below.

Please, this month, take a moment to look at your personal calendars and find some time. Then check out these candidate’s websites and decide what you can do to help them. Then contact them and volunteer.

The Blue Wave depends on all of us!




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