Candidate Questions: Marcela de la Fuente responds

Thanks to Marcela de la Fuente, Democratic candidate for Glen Cove City Council, who responded to Indivisible Glen Cove’s questions for candidates. Her responses are below in italics.

1. What is your vision for Glen Cove’s development?
Community is nothing more than an extension of our families and what our families need is a youth center for them to gather and entertain their children. We need a public space for families of all strides to come together and support each other. Fund: Apply for Grants.

2. How would this plan attract the younger generation to work, live and invest in Glen Cove?
Our young families need help raising their children and community center would go a long way in providing assistance to families who need the extra help. Let’s face it, the costs of raising family are going up, and it’s our responsibility as a government to help ease the burden of raising a family.

3. How would we protect the rights of Glen Cove residents who may be adversely affected by new development?
Whenever new development is proposed, a referendum should be help(on the record) inquiring the community’s opinion. Thereafter, the council should vote bearing in mind the referendums conclusion.

4. What ideas do you have to generate revenue for the city besides increasing taxes?
I would clean the various beaches in Glen Cove, and then work on our zoning laws to allow for restaurants (etc) to open next to the beaches (like Tappan Beach).

5. How would you promote and enable transparency in the local administration?
Make all governmental action ( votes, propositions etc) easily accessible to all Glen Cove residents.

6. What would you do to make Glen Cove greener and more environmentally?
Educate community (in schools, etc) about recycling and promoting solar energy.

7. What, if anything, will you do to get Crescent Beach reopened for swimming?
Work diligently with my colleagues to get the grants necessary approved soon.

8. Would you support or oppose the privatization of Glen Cove’s public assets? Will you approve using tax dollars for privatization?
Oppose and no , unless the project in question survives a referendum and would positively benefit the resident of Glen Cove.

9. What will you do to support public education here in Glen Cove?
The best communities are so because of their public schools. As a council member, I will work with my colleagues to get our schools funding (State, federal, etc).

10. Are you pro-choice? Do you support our local Planned Parenthood? And what does supporting it mean to you?
I am pro-choice. For five years I volunteered at the local Planned Parenthood and as a councilwoman I will ensure our center stays open to our community.

11. The national battle around healthcare could have a tremendous impact on the citizens of Glen Cove. Explain why you do or do not believe that the federal government should ensure that every American has health coverage?
Health care is a human right and it’s our duty to guarantee our citizen’s rights.

12. How would you resist the national climate of intolerance and provide protections for all residents of Glen Cove?
By giving them a voice. People are most marginalized when they lack proper representation.

13. What will you do to strengthen the Democratic party in Glen Cove?
By engaging the Hispanic community. We are 30% of the population and most of the time we do not come out to vote. But I believe that if the party works for my people, my people will vote for the party.

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