Resist Federally, Act Locally


Okay, at this point I think we can all agree the #45* White House is a clown car of crazy. Some of us may feel compelled to rubber-neck the wreck, while others of us are turning away in disgust, vowing never to read another newsfeed again.

But it is time to re-focus our energies.

Whatever happens to #45*, we will still be stuck with everyone beneath him. Pence, Ryan, McConnell. And it is corruption all the way down. Rich white dudes with real-estate interests making shady deals in back rooms from the top, to the State, down to the small cities and towns of Long Island. You know what I mean: Mangano, Oyster Bay, Glen Cove.  Yes, there is a connection between RXR–the company developing the waterfront– and #45*. (Surprise, surprise.)

So please keep those calls and letters rolling in at the Federal level–but take a moment to pivot from the chaos and get involved with local 2017 elections. We have a chance to take back our towns. Many progressives and members of Indivisible are running in towns that were basically Republican only.

I am not going to tell you how to vote or who to vote for. But I am going to tell you to check out your local political races and do it soon. Primaries are happening all up and down the ticket in many towns on September 12. So now’s the time to acquaint yourself with who is running. If you find someone you like, or many someones, contact them. Get a lawn sign. Make a donation. Get some of their materials and hand it out to your friends and family. Pass their posts along on Facebook.

Or maybe you’re more of a “get out the vote” type. That has to happen too. You can call whatever party you support and ask how you can help. Or if you can contact the League of Women Voters to find out more about starting your own voter registration drive.

Finally, we’re hoping to be hearing from some local politicians soon about their views on our questions. We’ll post their answers here and on Facebook and email. We also hope to host a “meet the candidates” event, so you can ask them your own questions face to face.

In the meantime, we’re holding a Resistance Revival at Garvies Point Museum on September 9th at 12:30. It’ll be a fun, family-friendly pot luck where we get to meet in Real Life all the activists and resisters we’ve met online. Bring food, children, pussy hats, lawn chairs, musical instruments, whatever… No big agenda–just food, music, a little bitching about the crazy man at the top, a little brainstorming, a lot of getting to know each other. Please join us!


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