Next Meeting 6/15/17



Our next meeting is this coming Thursday, 6/15/17, at 7 pm, at the Glen Cove Public Library. We realize that this conflicts with the Glen Cove Democratic Party fundraiser, and as a result some of you won’t be able to attend. But for those of you who can, we have decided this is a great time to discuss local politics. We will go over the recent history of the Democratic party–what it was like, what happened, and what it is like now (and hopefully will become in the future now that Indivisible has gotten involved). We also want to create a series of questions to pose to the candidates, and to open the discussion as to whether we wish to be a group that endorses candidates or not. We want to make firm plans for our summer-long voter registration push, so bring your calendars and willingness to sign up and work. The full agenda is below:

  1. Civics lesson on how local politics work: dates, candidate selection etc.
  2. How/why to get involved.
  3. Create a questionnaire to screen candidates.
  4. To endorse or not to endorse, that is the question.
  5. Voter registration push sign-up.
  6. Tee shirts, upcoming actions and other fun things.

If you want to add an agenda item for a future meeting, or if you have an action that is time sensitive and must be addressed now, please contact me, Michelle Chalfoun, to discuss it. We welcome information about upcoming, relevant events and actions.


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