APRIL: Perfect Weather for Protests!

Winter and Trumplethinskin got you down?

Time to get out into the real world and resist!

  1. Follow our website: https://indivisibleglencove.com
  2. Knock Every Door https://knockeverydoor.org
  3. Swing Left: flip nearby districts https://swingleft.org
  4. People’s March for Health, Trump Tower NYC 11 am http://www.marchforhealth.org
  5. The People’s Filibuster. NYC Foley Square 12 PM peoplesdefense.org
  6. 4/2 (Sunday) Teddy Roosevelt’s Sagamore Hill: Hiking in Harmony 10 am TOBAY Democratic Committee
  7. 4/4 (Tuesday) 10am-4pm Healthcare is a Human Right Rally and Day of Action; West Capital Park at State Street and South Swan Street, Albany, NY http://www.nyhcampaign.org/lobbyday2017
  8. 4/6 7pm Glen Cove Town Hall Landing School. Advance questions to sgtripp@cityofglencoveny.org
  9. 4/15 (Saturday) Tax March in New York and DC (and other locations) http://taxmarch.org
  10. 4/22 (Saturday) March for Science DC, NYC and Long Island locations https://www.marchforscience.com
  11. 4/24 7pm Glen Cove Town Hall Connolly School. Advance questions to sgtripp@cityofglencoveny.org
  12. 4/29 People’s Climate March DC and satellite marches http://peoplesclimate.org
  13. ACLU Freedom Cities Suggested Actions:


*Call or send letters to local officials

*Meet local officials in person (Town Halls!)

*Organize protests at officials offices/ICE offices

*Gather signatures on a petition

*Attend city council meetings

*Write letters to the editor

*Show solidarity with marginalized groups at places of worship or other locations

*Volunteer at Know Your Rights Trainings or refugee centers

*Post “We Welcome Immigrants and Refugees” signs on your windows and Doors” Or “No Ban, No Wall”.


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