The Resistance Cannot Rest

yes-we-can-rosie-the-riveterYesterday was a success. Not only was Trumpcare defeated, but by the time DJT pulled the plug, only 17% of Americans favored the bill. That means 83% were against it—a huge turn around for some DJT supporters.

But we can’t rest on our laurels.

Because despite this victory, we’ve still lost so much and are about to lose so much more.

SCOTUS: Chuck Schumer is saying Dems will filibuster Neil Gorsuch, but we have to give them the support to stop this appointment any way they can.

Russian interference: The dirty dealings of DJT, Putin, Manafort, etc make good Facebook gossip–and it’s easy to get distracted by the nasty revelations. But it’s up to us to make sure the truth doesn’t get covered up. Right now, Nunes is trying to hide the bodies.  We can’t allow that. Call, write, protest: it is up to us to demand the truth.

The Swamp Cabinet: While we managed to jettison Flynn and Pudzer, DeVos, Pruitt, Tillerson etc, are all still in place, ready to wreck havoc.  We have to keep our eyes on them and the damage they do, resisting as much as possible as they dismantle laws that protect education, the environment, and the common citizen from the excesses of corporations and billionaires.

The Kleptocractic First Family: DJT and his kids are still spending our tax dollars on their Marie Antoinesque excesses. We must resist this every time, in real life, not just on Facebook. They are still lining their pockets, unethically using the illegitimate presidency of DJT to enrich themselves and get cushy government appointments.

So what to do?

Use social media to get information, but then get out in the streets. Attend your local Town Halls, BOE meetings, and City Council meetings. Lobby your state representatives: the states can resist DJT’s agenda by passing state laws on education, the environment, and healthcare.

Run for office yourself, or support progressive candidates. Donate money, time, and effort. We have to take back our government at all levels, from the bottom to the top. Check out Swing Left and Knock Every Door, to move the Congress out of DJT’s hands.

Get out onto the streets. The Women’s March was great–but we can’t stop there. Next up: April 15th Tax March, April 22  March for Science, and April 29th People’s Climate March. Please try to get to one or all of these. If you can’t, donate money to support them–pay for someone else’s bus ticket.

It’s tiring. It’s time-consuming. I know this first hand. Resisting this insane administration has become my second job. It’s tempting to sit on social media reading and commenting and pretending that moves the needle. I’m saying this as much for myself as I am for others. Because lately, rubber-necking the Russian car-wreck has slowed my efforts. I haven’t made as many phone calls or written as many letters, because I’ve been consumed by the crazy revelations.

But I’m going to take this small victory over Trumpcare as a sign that we can make a difference. I’m going to re-dedicate myself to fighting. This next week will see me at an Indivisible meeting, and the following week I’ll be at at Town Hall. I will support my local Democratic Party’s City Council slate. On April 29th I will be marching in DC. In between I’ll be calling/faxing/postcarding my MOC’s and I will be keeping track of how they vote on the damaging DJT deregulation agenda.

It’s a lot of work. But we can do it. This past week has showed us how. And we must do it. It really is up to us.

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