Glen Cove Town Halls: Be Heard!

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At the recent local ACLU action meeting, we were urged to speak to our police and local officials about “what policies are in place or supported by local law enforcement” in regards to undocumented immigrants. The goal is to “pressure our local elected officials to adopt the “Freedom Cities” policies and rules.”

We really won’t have any warning as to when ICE officials will begin raids, so the quicker we can engage with our local law enforcement, the better chance we have to protect vulnerable community members.

The upcoming Town Halls on April 6th and April 24th are a great chance for us to meet with our law enforcement and pressure them to not detain our neighbors or cooperate with ICE on any future raids. We can also ask our police what they plan to do to combat anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant, anti-Latino, anti-Muslim, anti-anyone violence, now that haters are emboldened by our Hater-in-Chief.

Please consider attending. This is a great opportunity for us to resist 45’s agenda in our local community.

Even if you can’t attend, you can submit questions to to voice your concerns.

Other ACLU Suggested Actions included:

Making calls and/or sending letters to elected officials’ offices
Meeting with elected officials in person
Attending town hall meetings with elected officials
Organizing protests and rallies at offices of elected officials, at ICE field offices
Gathering and presenting petition signatures
Attending/testifying at city council or county board meeting
Writing letters to the editor of your local newspaper
Showing active solidarity with Muslims, immigrants and refugees at Mosques citizenship ceremonies, through volunteering at “Know Your Rights” trainings or refugee resettlement offices
Posting “We Welcome Immigrants and Refugees” signs on your windows and doors


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